Sleepy Head Pillows Project by AGD


Sometimes, getting the little ones to bed or nap time can be the biggest challenge of the day! With so much fun to be had, why would they ever want to get some shut eye? Create one of these unique and totally cute creatures for a boy or girl to cuddle up with when the lights go out.

Each Sleepy Head Pillow is created using the same hat top and point files, so you can easily customize your character to use whichever fabric combinations and colors your heart desires! With 10 different animals, silly monsters, and friendly faces to choose from, you can create just the right pillow. Want your pillow more plush than another? With Polyfil added into the finished pillow project, you can choose the desired level of stuffing, and can even experiment with textured and patterned fabrics for a fun friend any kid would want to bring to bed!

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