Dance of the Dragonfly Kit

Dance of the Dragonflies Sale!
Dance of the Dragonflies2SuperNova CitrineSuperNova EmeraldSuperNova Fools GoldSuperNova OnyxSuperNova PineSuperNova SpectrumSuperNova TopazSuperNova Turquoise

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This stunning quilt kit features Hoffman Bali Hand-dyed fabrics precut for applique onto the digital-print panel Supernova by Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero. (SUPERNOVA PANEL IS NOT INCLUDED.) Quilt kit includes hand-dyed fabrics that are pre-cut and pre-fused. Customer adds Supernova panel in color of her or his choice. Finished size is 40″ square. Dance of the Dragonflies quilt design and instructions by JoAnn Hoffman.