Dala Horses Projects by AGD May 2020

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Starting as a handcrafted toy for the children of woodcarvers, the Dala horse gained momentum over the span of many years to become a bright and bold symbol in the country of Sweden. While there are several styles of Dala horses that can be found around Sweden, it’s often the bright red horse that is the most recognizable. Since we were already breaking the tradition of the Dala horse by crafting it out of fabric instead of wood, we decided to twist the color palette as well. For our version of the horse, we decided to pay homage to the original painted statue by using the traditional colors of bright red, white, yellow, and green. Then, we added in a few colors of our own into the mix such as teal and navy. When creating your horses, it’s up to you to decide if you’d like to create a more traditional look, or use a more modern color palette.

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