Anita Goodesign: ” Art Quilts” Premium Collection

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Hoop sizes 6” x 10” to 8” x 12”

This collection happened by accident! We wanted our next Special Edition to be different from all the others in that the designs don’t connect to form a larger quilt. We wanted the designs to all be beautiful and stand on their own. So, we decided to design a small art quilt and see where it went. We love art quilts, however, they are very hard to create and include a lot of fabric layering, free motion stitches and shading stitches. We wanted to recreate that look in one hooping, so we did a test and it came out wonderfully. We then said “Now that we have an 8”x12” quilt what are we going to do with it?” Our artist Rachel Woodhouse folded it in half and said “We could make embroidered greeting cards!” What I thought was an odd idea turned into a brilliant one, and we experimented with techniques until it was perfect. The end result is a mini quilt that will fold flat to become a beautiful card!

35 Individual pieces of artwork

25 Individual sayings

11 Different Design Themes

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