Anita Goodesign: Abstract Birds

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Hoop sizes 6” x 10” to 9.5” x 14”

These beautifully illustrated birds are sure to take flight in your embroidery machine! Pulled directly from Stephen Wilson Studio, this combination of 10 various species of birds have been given their wings to take to the skies, but these aren’t just any embroidered birds! Each design has been hand-digitized by Stephen Wilson himself to create a fluid, life-like sense of flight to each feathery friend.

With an explosion of detailed lines and shading, the abstract shapes within the birds will create a dynamic sense of movement, even when they’re sitting still! With a heavy focus on detail shading and line work, we wanted your birds to look amazing the first time you stitch them, so we have incorporated our latest technique at Anita Goodesign: hidden appliqué! Find a neutral fabric or muslin to lay as the base, then let the thread work it’s magic and create these flying figures. You’ll become an ornithology enthusiast in no time after stitching these breathtaking Abstract Birds!

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