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New Fabrics in the Shop! (part 1)

Regions Beyond by Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements for Free Spirit Fabrics

I love when Quilter’s Corner receives new fabrics! It’s like opening a wrapped gift! Everyone gets excited and starts imagining what they might make with it! There’s a tremendous amount of activity and coordination involved before you ever get to see the new fabrics for purchase in the shop.

It starts with either FedEx or UPS rolling a cart full of boxes into the office. We have to be careful when there are a lot of boxes, otherwise Anne might not be able to manuver around them to get to her desk, and we certainly don’t want that to happen! If the boxes come to the shop on Anne’s “off-days”, we may have sneak-peekers on the team who open a box or two to see what they hold! Many times Deb will open the boxes and check in the fabrics. She’ll find the packing slip located in one of the boxes and make sure all bolts are accounted for. She’ll also get them organized for Anne to put into our point-of-sale system.

The fabric manufacturer usually sends me an invoice (bill) via email as soon as the fabrics ship from their warehouse. I’ll print this and put it into Anne’s “in-box” in preparation for the arrival of the fabrics (I do find it ironic that the invoice comes before the product). I’ll make a mental note of the due date and amount. Anne, Deb and I verify this against the original order which has the promised ship date and cost per yard. The redundancy ensures the “check and balance” necessary to manage our budget. If there are discrepencies, the manufacturer is called to correct the error.

I’ll continue this story in my next post. But, I want to tell you a bit more about the fabrics we ordered in November 2020 from Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements Halloween line, Regions Beyond. We received these great fabrics this week… 6 months from the time ordered! Because they were ordered so long ago, we often forget exactly what all the fabrics look like, so it can be quite a surprise! I can’t wait to play with these and make a throw quilt for Halloween!